We are looking for donations of items for our Chinese auction, as well as sponsorships. We hope you will be able to donate and appreciate your consideration. Some of the auction basket sponsorships we are offering are as follows:

Game Night Basket  $200
Beat the Clock, Kids vs Parents, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Farkle, Headbanz, Uno, 2 Tickets to Long Gone Escapes (escape Room), Rollo, Popcornopolis, Fireball Candy, Stewart’s Root Beer, Warheads, Nut gift basket, M&Ms.
Bottle of Wine/Rum. **optional

Date Night    $350
Hand Blown Wine Glasses, Electric wine bottle opener, Chocolate Gift Basket, Theater Tickets, 2 Tickets to Long Gone Escapes (Escape Room), Pro Fit Kitchin Gift Card, Papa John’s Gift card, MeYou Thai Gift card.
Bottle of Wine/Rum **optional

Off Road Basket  $350
Recovery strap, Phone D ring shackle, Phone mount, Inclinometer, Shackle hitch, Stainless water bottle x2, Bottle holder x2, Fire extinguisher and mount

Blackstone Basket  $400
Blackstone griddle with stand, Griddle accessories, Cleaning Kit, Cover, Bearded butcher seasonings
Bottle of Wine/Rum ** optional

Picnic Basket  $400
Insulated picnic cooler, Blanket, Wine bottle chiller set, Cheese board
Bottle of Wine/Rum ** optional

Golf  $450
Rangefinder, Premium golf tees, Golf Ball markers, Box of Callaway balls, Calloway hat and golf set, Putting green for indoor practice.
Bottle of Wine/Rum ** optional

Camping   $550
Coleman camping tent, Camping Lantern, Insect repellent, Collapsible water container, Coleman stove, Flashlight w/ batteries, Mess kit, Utensils, Sleeping bags
Bottle of Wine/Rum ** optional

Sponsor an Auction Basket